Accommodation: double levelled  kennels (100X100X220 cm) 

Feeding: canned cat food and premium dry cat food Care: several times per day attending the cat,( caring for its fur, playing with and stroking  the animal)


Under attendance individual, one by one care for each animal is meant. Veterinary care is provided if  required.


Conditions of admission:

Healthy,parasite free, clean animals are eligible for admission. Treatment with antithelmitic medication and de-worming is a must.

A valid inoculation and medical booklet is a must which must be left with us along with the cat.


Combined vaccine is obligatory.  (Vaccination against rabies is  a must by regulatory notice.) A cat over the age of 8 months is accepted only if it is neutered or spayed.

We regret not to be able to admit cats under medication, and cats over 13 years of age.



 Pre -and late season: 1800HUF/day 
 Main season:

(15 June-31 Aug,20

December-5 January)


The prices are all inclusive.


Contact details:

Éva Palócz 

1149 Budapest Fráter György street.33

Phone: +36-20-9162-046

email: cicapanzio@hotmail.com

Appointments are taken by email. By phone, only information is provided.

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